The ‘andres agathoi’: meditations on the 24° and 65° Delphic Laws

Control anger and despise insolence- 16° and 41° of Delphic Laws

Test the character and associate with your peers- some considerations…

Nothing to excess- some meditations on the 38° Delphic Law

Areté- meditations on the 26° and 30° Delphic Laws

On Fortune- 68° Delphic Law

Be impartial- meditations on the 32° Delphic Law

Again on Friendship- meditations on 37° and 59° Delphic Laws

Harmony and Justice- meditations on 43° and 27° Delphic Laws

Control and prudence- meditations on the 14° and 17° Delphic Laws

Education, Glory and Wisdom- meditations on the 21°-22°-23° Delphic Laws

“Praise Hope”…

Kairós, the brief moment in which things are possible…

Some thoughts on Philia…

A meditation on Sophia and the Sophoi (48° and 53° Delphic Laws)

A meditation on the fifth Delphic Law

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