“The Eleusinian oration”


The group “Lovers and Supporters of Eleusis” is very glad to been able to publish, for the first time on the web and freely available for all those who are interested, the wonderful and very meaningful oration by Aelius Aristides, ” Ἐλευσίνιος” or “The Eleusinian oration”. This work is known only among the scholars but it is carefully hidden from the people, just as many other texts of our Ancestors: this happens because people have to think that nothing has been left from the past to understand our present time and work together to gain a more luminous future. In this way, humanity has to be kept in the prison of ignorance as long as possible, so that no one may try to claim back what the barbarians have destroyed. This is particularly true when it comes to speak about Eleusis: every single thing that can lead back people to remember the true nature of that sacred place, its value for the whole mankind, its glorious past and its undying essence and the ever-present benevolence of the Two Goddesses, is always carefully hidden and, many times, destroyed. The aim of our group, also in publishing and spreading this text, is thus always the same: share knowledge and fight oblivion with memory! And an advice: do not read this text ‘externally’, just as if reading a good rhetoric work of the past, on the contrary, try to ‘live’ the text because, from a long passed time, it speaks to us all about the present condition of the “common Sanctuary of the whole earth” and about a wonderful possibility that is always available for all the human beings, to turn from ignorance and destruction back to righteousness and true happiness…


The whole text is available here, on calameo and also on our fb page



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