Calendario Religioso – Hekatombaion 2790



Principal Celebrations of the Month:
– Νουμηνία, I day: Eiseteria- sacrifice of the new magistrates to Zeus Boulaios and Athena Boulaia
– IV day- Τετρὰς Ἱσταμένου: Aphrodisia, in honor of Aphrodite Pandemos and Peitho
– VI day- Ἓκτη Ἱσταμένου: birth of Alexander the Great
– VII day- Ἑβδόμη Ἱσταμένου: Hekatombaia, honors to Apollo Hekatombaios; sacrificie to Apollo Apotropaios (Tetrapolis Marathon)
– XII day- Δωδεκάτη/ Δευτέρα Μεσοῦντος: Kronia, dedicated to Kronos and to the Mother of the Gods
– XVI day- Ἕκτη Μεσοῦντος: preliminar sacrifices to Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratria; Synoikia/Metoikia, celebrations for the Synoikismos of Attica; sacrifices to Athena and Eirene
– XVII day- Ἑβδόμη Μεσοῦντος / XVIII day- Ὀγδόη Μεσοῦντος: sacrifices by the Orgeones to the Hero Echelos and to the Heroines
– XXI day- Δεκάτη Ὑστέρα/ Δεκάτη Φθίνοντος: honors to Artemis and to the Goddess Kourotrophos (Erchia)
– XXVII day- Τετρὰς Φθίνοντος / XXVIII day- Τρίτη Φθίνοντος: Panathenaia (mikra)


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