Call for the Ιmmediate Institutional Recognition and Protection of the Hellenic National Religion

We receive and gladly share this Call, hoping to spread the message for the respect of a basic human right, that is the protection of our religious rights. May this be the first step toward these great achievements, that are our natural right to claim: recognition, freedom and protection for the Ancestral Tradition of Hellas and for all those who, being not atheists or materialists, continue to follow the ancient path indicated by the glorious Forefathers: “worship the Gods”. We, by following the steps of men who build the glory of the Greek-Roman World, have only positive and praiseworthy things to share, and, in my view, to ask for recognition means also to ask for the ‘permission’ to share all these good things in order to promote a new Renaissance, a blooming of virtues and beauty, happiness and prosperity- exactly as it is natural for all the human beings…

We therefore ask for the obvious:
Respect the country’s history.
Respect the rights of the Hellenic Gentiles.
Recognize legally our National Religion.


Read all, along with the petition and further informations at>



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