Calendar for the Eleusinian Mysteries

Calendar for the Eleusinian Mysteries, I Year of the 698th Olympiad.


1470365_1519903231593289_271440946286252933_nReligious Calendar for the sacred month of Boedromion

“O Demeter, who of old found your daughter here, now it is left for You to seek your Temple. And the Mysteries are approaching, o Earth and Gods! This month of Boedromion now requires a different kind of cry, not such as when Ion ran with a battle cry to Athens. O the proclamation! O the catalogue of the sacred days and nights!”
(Eleusinian Oration, Aelius Aristides (Ael. Ar. Orat. 19)

“My full heart bids me boldly sing the horses of the ravisher from the underworld and the stars darkened by the shadow of His infernal chariot and the gloomy chambers of the queen of Hell. Come not nigh, ye unititiate. Now has divine madness driven all mortal thoughts from my breast, and my heart is filled with Phoebus’ inspiration; now see I the shrine reel and its foundations totter while the threshold…

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