Lettera aperta al Presidente della Regione Sicilia Rosario Crocetta

Lettera aperta al Presidente della Regione Sicilia Rosario Crocetta.

foto di Enzo Guzzo

We publish this open letter asking those who want to subscribe it to send an email to domodamablog@yahoo.it or submit a review in the blog domodama.wordpress.com. You can also participate through the event posted on fb here (for those who joined fb).

“Dear President Crocetta,

We learn from Repubblica online, 20 July 2013, in an article by Claudia Brunetto that our beautiful Temple of Segesta has become a location for private parties of Americans because “Article 106 of the Code of Cultural Heritage provides for the possibility of individual use of the cultural heritage”.

I quote here the words of the journalist: “The Israeli agency that organizes” special events “in the most beautiful places in the world had asked to the direction of the park to organize two events of chamber music followed by a buffet. The first for just 6 people, the second for 40. No sooner said than done. So on June 20, the Temple has not been illuminated as it happens every night. The fact certainly did not gone unnoticed, and the local residents have called the relevant departments to report what in their eyes was a failure of enlightenment. In fact, the six American guests – among them there would be a staff member of President Barack Obama – had chosen to dine by candlelight. The evening of July 2, however, the temple was illuminated in different colors: red, pink, green and yellow.
The Americans have arrived in a big way for one of the two evenings, landing by helicopter on the apron of the former railway station. Even this has not gone unnoticed. Then the dinner and a concert with arias by Giuseppe Verdi. The catering, signed by Natale Giunta, provided all the Sicilian specialties of the chef. A dinner certainly more expensive than the concession of the area in front of the Doric Temple (5000 euro). “It had been requested – says Sergio Aguglia, director of the archaeological park of Segesta – even to shoot fireworks, but it was denied.”

President, we know well your love for beauty and to that we make appeal. We can not accept such a thing to happen. It is certainly not necessary to explain to you exactly that a temple is not only a place dedicated to Art and Beauty, because it represents and evokes in us the sacred enclosure – Temenos, as the ancient Greeks called it – that each one holds in the most precious part of himself; it is the space of the Soul, Mr. President, Anima Mundi, and as such is then a place shared by all and that the institutions can not afford to split, nor single illustrious citizens to buy it. Perhaps we have reached a similar point of crisis that we sell the soul to someone for very little money? Evidently not. It ‘s time instead with pride to pass through  our crisis along with that of our territory, injured by too much devastation and embezzlement.

Sicily is our Area. How would have said Andrej Tarkovskij, the director who has loved, as a stranger, gently and with sacredness  Italy, more than many of its inhabitants. The Area is the life: by traversing it, the man breaks or resists.

Break or resist, President: but how do you not break at the thought of a catering in front of a temple? What will become of us, of our creativity, our dreams, if we will turn them into debauch- as refined and expensive as it may be, if we sell even the Soul? On the walls of the Atelier sul Mare, so dear to you, a warning is written, “Today it is known the price of everything and the value of nothing”: do we really want to surrender?

No, Mr. President, we can not allow this. We are a handful of idealists and dreamers, and we want to pass on to our children what we believe. We do not want to leave them a Hollywood world, and we are certain that you also do not want: confident in your sensitivity, we await an  active response from you.”

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