Between Hellas and Italy…honors to our beloved Gods!

As we had promised to each other, under the shining light of our beloved Sun God, in Rome during the Meeting in April,  the Gentiles of Hellas and those of Italy have again met together to celebrate the Summer Solstice and many other sacred festivities of this period of the year! We thank from our hearts all the Friends who have met together and cooperated to create these events, as a true Brotherhood based on the most important and ancient Values! We really consider each and every single moment passed together as a very precious gift and as a beautiful Sign: beautiful for all those who are still devoted to the Eternal Gods after so many years of oblivion, because, step by step, we are approaching to the object of all our efforts and hopes. We strongly desire, by each and every action, inspired only by the deep Love toward the Gods and the Ancestors, to create that Road on which the future generations will walk toward “the blessed rebirth and restauration of all the most sacred things”: our prayers are only for this Goal, so that humanity may be healed and purified and guided again toward the blessed “Royal court of the Father”, as the Philosophers say…

  • Summer Solstice Celebrations and Wishes

In one of the most sacred and wonderful places of Attica, on the seashore near the sacrum of Artemis, Brauron, a place also washed kindly by the shining river which passes through the Temple from endless time…



On the coast, near the  sacred River, at Sunset…




…we have celebrated, when the rosy Dawn approached and enlightened the whole Earth, the endless Beauty, Powers and Gifts of the mighty Helios and of the Immortals, on the Summer Solstice of the Hellenic Year 2789…




…Endless Honors and Salutations to the Sun, King of the Noeric Fire, visible image of the Good, by whose Strength and Energy the whole kosmos is harmonious, beautiful and full of life, by whose awakening Providence the souls are elevated towards the intelligible Realm of the Forms, through which they are saved from forgetfulness…Savior, visible image of the Unspeakable Begetter, most generous Dispenser of Light, Healer, Purifier, Eye of Justice who sees everything…Salutations! May You be pleased, may you grant to humanity the evil-averting Light rich of blessings and guide always the human beings toward the Harbour of the holy Eusebeia!

  • Salutations to the most beloved Mother, and to the common Sanctuary of the whole Earth- to Eleusis

“τοιγαροῦν τῆς μὲν Ἑλλάδος ἰδεῖν σπεύδομεν τὰς Ἀθήνας, τῶν δ’ Ἀθηνῶν
Ἐλευσῖνα, τῆς μὲν Εὐρώπης νομίζοντες τὴν πόλιν, τῆς
δὲ πόλεως τὸ ἱερὸν κόσμον.

That is why in Hellas we hasten to gaze upon Athens,
and in Athens, Eleusis, for we deem the City is the soul of Europe,
and the Sanctuary the soul of the City.”



The previous words explain very well why we always hasten to see and revere Eleusis: the Sanctuary is the soul of the soul of the whole Europe, and people have to understand that, by saving the Sanctuary, the whole continent will be saved: “The Goddess has granted that She will save the Homeland forever!”

So, ask to the God, ask to the Leader of the initiates how to make without efforts the long journey and how to reach again the Mother who is waiting there, in Her most sacred and beloved Valley, to please the heart of the Goddess who says: “I am Demeter who has share of honor and is the greatest help and cause of joy to the undying Gods and mortal men…”

We wish to add that we thank deeply our dearest Friends who live there, those of ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΙΑΚΗ ΑΣΠΙΔΑ and not only, who always greet us in joy and keep us informed about their efforts to preserve and save that most sacred Land…may their and our Love for this Ideal grow in the hearts of the new generations, so that they may have share of the deepest knowledge and happiness granted to mortal men…!


  • Full Moon Celebrations- Rites to Selene 

On the enchanting hills in front of the Acropolis, under the awesome nocturnal sky, we have performed the Rituals in honor of queenly Selene, Lampetie, blessed Mother of Time, our most dear Maiden who illuminates the night Sky and extends precious Beauty and Life over the whole Earth…


“…come, blessed, benevolent, of beautiful stars, by your brightness
refulgent, saving your new supplicants, o maiden.”


  • 26th of June: Honors to our Spiritual Leader, to the Philosopher and Emperor, to Flavius Claudius Julianus


From Sunrise to Sunset, we have remembered and celebrated that mighty Ruler, that divinely inspired Philosopher, our most beloved Emperor! We will always remember and keep Thy words of true Wisdom in our hearts, You who reached that deep devotion and knowledge that saved Thee and many other Ancestors from the “typhonic winds of cristianity”, You who, by that knowledge and devotion, saved so many people from asebeia and showed a very bright Path to all those who came after You…may You be always honored and remembered and may Thy name and the glory of Thy actions never vanish, may all the true Europeans and Heirs of the Greek-Roman World again follow Thee and Thy example!


Endless thanks to our beloved Sisters and Brothers of the House of Thyrsos, and to all the other Hellenes, who have met and gathered during this sacred and wonderful week in Attica… thanks for the very moving moments spent together, for the so meaningful dialogues, for the plenty of gifts and for all the symposia, the serious and the cheerful moments…may you all, our beloved Friends, be always blessed! May we meet soon again, to continue this Path all together!

  • 4th Anniversary of the Amber Road Fellowship: traditional heathen festivals on the Mountains of Northern Italy


Back again in Italy, we have partecipated to the beautiful annual Gathering of the Amber Road Felloship: two meaningful days spent on the awesome mountains of Trentino, celebrating the Gods and reinforcing the bonds of Friendship among all the Gentiles!

As promised, as the most beautiful Bond of Philia between us all, in the name of the greatest Ideal of our common Emperor…


Insignia of Flavius Claudius Julianus waving, from the sky of Athens to the Northern Sky of Italy!


5 thoughts on “Between Hellas and Italy…honors to our beloved Gods!

  1. We are with you, brothers and sisters! Salve Victoria!

  2. L’ha ribloggato su Esploratori Hesperiani, blog Ufficialee ha commentato:
    Dalle Alpi ancora innevate fino alle assolate coste dell’Attica comuni celebrazioni vengono innalzate agli Dei e un comune ideale di fedeltà verso le Radici, di volontà di rinascita religiosa e comunitaria nella fedeltà al solco tracciato dagli Avi, si erge ancora una volta contro l’hybris e la nullità di chi crede di poter governare gli altri quando non sa governare le sue patetiche brame di possesso. Contro la nullità, della tirannia, della grettezza tanto dei materialisti quanto dei superstiziosi fanatici, nuovamente viene celebrata la grandezza e la luce dei Numi immortali e sempiterni e la mai tramontata sapienza degli Avi Ellenici, Italici ed Europei.
    Garriscano dunque al vento le bandiere della Gentilità Europea, sotto il segno di Minerva, l’invincibile protettrice, colei che rende inamovibili le insegne delle Poleis e del Teuta!

  3. We are ALL TOGETHER Sisters and Brothers!
    Our Fire Still Burns!
    Hail the Gods!

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