To our beloved Sun God- Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is nearing again…Hymns to our beloved Lord Helios!!!


Orphic Hymn 8- to Helios

bead of incense

Hear, blessed one, you who have the eternal eye who see everything,
Titan of golden light, Iperion, light of the sky,
generated by yourself, tireless, sweet sight of the living beings,
on the right, father of the dawn, on the left of the night,
mitigating the seasons, dancing with the feet of a quadruped,
good racer, sibilant, blazing, shining charioteer,
you who direct the path by the revolutions of the infinite rhombus,
leader to good things for the pious ones, severe with the impious ones,
with the golden lyre, who drag the harmonious race of the cosmos,
who indicate the good actions, child who nourish the seasons,
Lord of the universe, player of the panpipe, of fiery race, who turn in a circle,
bringer of light, of changing forms, bringer of life, fruitful Paian,
ever youthful, pristine, father of Time, immortal Zeus,

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