Birthday of Rome, 19-21/4/ “2013”


Salutations Rome, daughter of Ares,

wise queen, wrapped in gold,

You who inhabits on the earth the holy Olympus

forever steady!

To You alone, o Queen, the Moira has given

the royal glory of an uninterrupted kingdom,

so that, with leading might,

You shall rule.

The body of the earth and of the hoary sea

are tightly bound to your strong ties:

You with certainty govern

countries and people.

And the greatest Aion, who all things overturns

and alters life in a thousand ways,

to You alone a flourishing kingdom

leaves unchanged.

In fact, You alone among all

generate great and warlike men

and produce, similar to Demeter,

an offspring of Heroes.

Inno a Roma, Melinno di Samo (apud Stobaeum, III, 7, 12)


All Glory and Salutations to our Beloved Gods!

All our sincere thanks and warm regards to all our Sisters and Brothers, from Italy and from Hellas, who gathered together in Rome for the celebrations of the Birthday of the City! Three perfect days of meetings, devotional activities, dialogues, cheerful and joyous symposia, and much more…! As said by our dearest ones of the House of Thyrsos: “All events were fully successful and gave us the opportunity to exchange useful information, views, and most importantly, we have set strong foundations of Brotherhood and the vital conditions were created for good cooperation between our Houses, always working to defend the ideals of our Common Heritage of our Nations and their certain Traditions, and also for all the Traditions of our Europe.” In fact, this was our greatest hope, that all those faithful to the ancient Values of the Greek-Roman World may meet all together and set the foundations for mutual cooperation, Brotherhood and true Friendship, in the name of our Gods and for our Ancestral Traditions! We have set the strong foundations of Unity, and the events of this blessed Springtime are just the confirmation that we are on the right way for the achievement of Victory in the Cause!


  • Friday 19 April

Early in the evening, we have visited the awesome Mithraeum of s. clemente…


and its ancient Spring of crystal-like fresh water…



after, we have met at Piazza del Popolo, with its magnificent obelisk…



then started the visit to the Temples of Villa Borghese, in the company of our dear Friends of Pietas- very interesting explanations and dialogues in a wonderful scenery!





  • Saturday 20 April

Early in the morning, a visit to the Pantheon and the Rome of the Renaissance, waiting for our dearest Friends from Athens and for the Gathering of the Gentiles in the evening..




The very important Gathering of Sisters and Brothers of the various Houses of Gentiles, and the precious Messages from our Hellenic Friends: “Members of our House Saluted by speech on the Gathering of Saturday the Houses of our Brothers, lifting also the Emblem of our Emperor, the Great Julian. Also, they have directed Official Salutations from the House of Odinic Rite which honored us with their trust to deliver their Message to the Brothers Romans.”



The day ended with a very lovely and cheerful symposium where both serious and jovial themes were part of our dialogues- tastes of ancient conviviality, while putting the bases for the future activities of our Houses…


  • Sunday 21 April

Very beautiful and meaningful visit to the Fori Imperiali and the sacred Hill of Palatino…1700 years have elapsed, our countries seem to be completely torn apart, and yet here we are, still loving and worshipping the Eternal Gods, paying homages to our Glorious Ancestors, still remembering our Roots and thus planning a very more luminous future for our beloved Europe!









Also this day ended with a beautiful symposium- important plans for the future took form, and a very fruitful and pleasant exchange of views and experiences took place. At last, in a most friendly and moving manner, we have saluted each others, promising that we will meet soon again, under the blessed and beloved Light of our Father, the Sun!


The Ideals and the Values of the Greek-Roman World unfold.. again!!!


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