“Soon, Mother Goddess Demeter will be among us, to guide us”

“Το Δημοτικό συμβούλιο της Ελευσίνος με ψήφους 23 ΝΑΙ και με 2 ΝΑΙ με επιφύλαξη, αποδέχτηκε την πρόταση της κίνησης πολιτών “ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΙΑΚΗ ΑΣΠΙΔΑ” για την εγκατάσταση στην Ελευσίνα αγάλματος της Θεάς Δήμητρος.
Ευχαριστούμε όλους όσους υποστήριξαν την προσπάθεια αυτή και ελπίζουμε σύντομα να δούμε το άγαλμα της Θεάς Δήμητρας στην Ιερή πόλη της Ελευσίνος.
Θερμές ευχαριστίες

The Municipal Council of Eleusis by a vote of 23 YES and 2 YES with reservation accepted the proposal of movement citizens “ELEUSINIAN SHIELD” for the installation in Eleusis statue of the goddess Demeter.
Many thanks to everyone who support the effort of establishing the statue of goddess Demeter in the holy city of Eleusis. We hope that soon it will be a reality.
Best wishes


We were anxiously waiting for this news, since a very long time…! From about 1700 years, to be precise, from the time when the foolishness of the barbarians and the atheists have destroyed the most sacred place of the whole world…since “Eleusis is a shrine common to the whole Earth, and of all divine things that exist among men, it is both the most awesome and the most luminous.” However, despite destruction and hatred, our most beloved Lady Demeter has never abandoned the place that is so dear to Her kind heart…simply, men have forgot Her presence and Her blessings, but She has never abandoned Eleusis!
And now… a New Beginning! During the day in which we celebrate the Return of the Springtime, and the holy festival of the Mother of the Gods, we have come to know that the Eleusinians- thanks to the wonderful efforts of our beloved Friends of the ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΙΑΚΗ ΑΣΠΙΔΑ- have decided to dedicate a statue to the Goddess in Her City!!!

The Rebirth now is really at hand, the benevolence of our beloved Mother is truly endless!!! From Eleusis comes the Fire-bearing Hope, once again!


A so great Joy has left us speechless, so that the only appropriate thing now is to recite the Orphic Hymn dedicated to our most Beloved One, to Eleusinian Demeter

Deò, mother of everything, daimon of many names,
august Demeter, who nourish the children, bestower of happiness,
Goddess who donate the wealth, who nourish the ears, all-giver,
who take delight in the peace and in the works of many toils,
protectress of the sowing, who amass the ears, guardian of the threshing floor, of verdant fruits,
who dwell in the sacred valleys of Eleusis,
desirable, lovable, nurse of all the mortals,
who first yoked to the plow the sturdy oxen
and to the mortals send the eligible much happy life,
who favor the vegetation, you live with Bromios, beautifully honored,
carrier of the torch, sacred one, you take delight in the summery sickles,
you chtonia, you who appear, you favorable to everybody;
of beautiful offspring, lover of the children, august, maiden who nourish the children,
who have fastened the chariot harnessing dragons
shouting evoè around thy throne with circular spirals,
only-begotten, Goddess with much offspring, greatly venerable to the mortals,
who have many forms of leafy branches and rich of flowers.
Come, blessed, holy one, charged with summery fruits,
bringing Peace and the lovable Lawfulness
and wealth who makes happy and together queenly Health.

All Salutations to You, most beloved Mother, always Giver of perfect Gifts!!! What a greatest Gift than the one received yesterday? You have decided to show Yourself again in the Sacred Valleys, for the benefit and happiness of the whole humanity!!! May all people start again to love You, as they used to do in the past, since there is no greater Joy apart from the one which comes from You, o perfect Queen!


One thought on ““Soon, Mother Goddess Demeter will be among us, to guide us”

  1. lightbeing says:

    ∴maat IS set 2 return therefore it is
    demeter/babylon retired co/2012

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