Meera Bai- devotional poetry divinely inspired..

“My teacher taught me this.
Approve me or disapprove me: I praise the Mountain Energy night and day.
I take the path that ecstatic human beings have taken for centuries.


Dark Friend, what can I say?
This love I bring
from distant lifetimes is ancient,
do not revile it.
Seeing your elegant body
I am ravished.
Visit our courtyard, hear the women
singing old hymns
On the square I’ve laid
out a welcome of teardrops,
body and mind I surrendered ages ago,
taking refuge
wherever your feet pass.
Mira flees from lifetime to lifetime,
your virgin.

Unbreakable, O Lord,
Is the love
That binds me to You:
Like a diamond,
It breaks the hammer that strikes it.

My heart goes into You
As the polish goes into the gold.
As the lotus lives in its water,
I live in You.

Like the bird
That gazes all night
At the passing moon,
I have lost myself dwelling in You.

O my Beloved —

My friend, the stain of the Great Dancer has penetrated my body.
I drank the cup of music, and I am hopelessly drunk.
Moreover I stay drunk, no matter what I do to become sober.
Rana, who disapproves, gave me one basket with a snake in it.
Mira folded the snake around her neck, it was a lover’s necklace, lovely!
Rana’s next gift was poison: “This is something for you, Mira.”
She repeated the Holy Name in her chest, and drank it, it was good!
Every name He has is praise; that’s the cup I like to drink, and only that.
“The Great Dancer is my husband,” Mira says, “rain washes off all the other colors.”

O Beloved Lord! Make Mira your true servant. Help me free myself from the evil and worthless worldly dealings and relationships.
Whenever I think and use too much of my intelligence, I lose wisdom or power of discrimination between right and wrong.
Oh! Oh! How pathetic! There is nothing that belongs to me. I am dying helplessly, confused and sad. O Lord! Come quickly to my help (and save me from drowning in the ocean of samsar).
Everyday I listen (read, think and meditate) to the religious discourses and books. I am also afraid of my vicious passionate mind.
Always, I serve the saints and holy men and women. I engage my mind in remembering you through meditation.
O Dear lord! To this servant of no value show the path of devotion (as you taught the gopis of Vrindavan, particularly Radhaji). Please make Mira your true servant.

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