On Beauty, according to the Tradition….

“Just like we say that prophetic madness exists according to Truth – Hermes – and erotic madness according to Beauty – Aphrodite – we also say that poetical madness is defined by Divine Symmetry – Apollo”

“Thus the whole order of Love (the series of the Erotes) prompts all beings to return to the divine Beauty (Aphrodite), on the one hand by elevating (anagousa, the anagogic power) to it, uniting with it and establishing in it (the Divine Beauty) all that is secondary, and on the other hand by filling (with love for the Divine Essence) what lies subsequent to itself (in the order of manifestation) and irradiating the communication waves of divine light that proceed from it. Surely for this reason Love is called a “mighty Daimon” in the story in the Symposium, because it primarily displays this power of intermediacy within itself, since there is a medium that connects everything that reverts, the cause of reversion and the object of attraction for the secondary beings.”

“Eros unites the soul to the Gods and to Their inexpressible beauty”

Divine Beauty, tó theion Kallos, is described as follows: “it is revealed first to those who proceed upward, more luminous than any morning star and more lovely to see, to embrace and to grasp with wonder when it reveals itself”.

Love or Eros “is nothing else but Love that… connects (the souls) to the level prior to them, both the second Gods and the superior generators and the best among the souls”.

“It is necessary… to propose the virtues that, from creation, purify and lead back to the Gods: Faith, Truth and Love – the praiseworthy Triad”

“A perfectly erotic being, who is taken care of by Aphrodite, ascends towards divine Beauty itself”

“The Sun produces the light as a likeness of truth, and Aphrodite is the cause of beauty for the beings in cosmos and the copy of the beautiful beings in the noetic triad. Calculating Hermes is the cause of proportion for all beings in the world of becoming”

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