Two Hymns to the Lord of the Underworld..

“Oh four footed Lord, the God of the Manes, You are the ordainer and sustainer of Shraddha. I bow to You.
Oh Dharmaraja, the great God of the dead, You are the knower of time, the knower of whatever that is done, and the one wedded to Truth. I bow to You.
You are action and the actuator of action. You are the lord of past, present and future. You are the purifier as well as the stupefier. You are the essence as well as elaboration. Oh uneven eyed holder of rod and noose, I bow to You.
Oh You resplendent like the Sun, the observer of the life of all, black in complexion, indomitable, having the form of sesamum oil, I bow to You.
You are lustrous like the sun, You are the carrier of offerings to Gods as well as to the Manes. You are a mighty lord, I bow to You.
You are the destroyer of sins, You stand in austerity, You are ever the guardian of Shraddha, You are a great ascetic. With one eye transformed into many You are Kala and Death. I bow to You.
Sometimes You appear with a rod, sometimes with a fully shaven head, sometimes as the fearful Kala, sometimes as a boy, sometimes as an old man, sometimes in a form that strikes terror, I bow to You.
The world is controlled by You through Dharma. You see to this directly and, without You, Dharma cannot be accomplished.
You are the God of the Gods, the penance among penances, and the japa among japas. In this I don’t find anyone other than You.
You never attempt to push down from here sages without any relations or friends, and chaste women in distress, engaged in penance.
So, among all the Gods, you are the greatest upholder of Dharma.”

O You of powerful soul, who inhabit the subterranean house,
the Tartarian meadow of deep shadow and without light,
Zeus of the underworld, with the scepter, accept with a kind spirit these rites,
Plouton, who have the keys of all the earth,
who enrich the mortal race with the fruits of the year;
You who received as third part the earth, queen of everything,
seat of the Immortals, mighty support of the mortals;
You who have established the throne under the gloomy place
remote, tireless, without life, shadowy Hades
and dark Acheron, who holds the roots of the earth;
You who, thanks to death, rule over the mortals, o Eubouleos
much accomplished, who once the daughter of Demeter purifier
having taken in marriage snatched from the meadow across the sea
with the quadriga You brought in an Attic cave
in the territory of Eleusis, where are the gates of Hades.
You alone are the judge of the visible and invisible works,
possessed, all-powerful, most holy, wonderfully honoured,
who take delight in the noble priests and in the pure rites;
I pray you to come kind and pleased to the initiates.

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