Rhythm and Harmony

“Ye who have the privilege of song in your keeping, Arkadian discoverer of the vocal lyre, and thou, Dionysos, whirler of thy Bassarides, and Paean and the Hyantian Sisters, joyfully deck yourselves anew with purple fillets, make your tresses trim and let fresh ivy enwreathe your shining raiment.”

Statius, Silvae 2. 7. 6

“The gods, in pity for us, have granted to us as fellow-choristers and choir-leaders Apollon and the Muses,–besides whom we mentioned, if we recollect, a third, Dionysos.”

Plato, Laws 664b

“There was implanted in us men the sense of rhythm and harmony, and that the joint authors thereof were Apollon and the Muses and the God Dionysos.”

Plato, Laws 672b


“Hail, dancing-master of the stars,
breathing fire, overseer
of the voices of the night,
child of Zeus, appear,
lord, together with your attendant
Nymphs, who in their madness
dance through the night with you, Iacchus, giver of gifts.”

Antigone, 1155

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